The poster calendar is often used by businessmen who are offering a large variety of products and services they want their customers to know about. If you as a company want to produce your very own poster calendars to hand out to customers, friends and family, you can easily do your poster calendar printing with your computers and printers.

Use your office machinery and software

It would be nice if you did them on laser printers, but if you don’t have one in the office, an inkjet printer will do just as well, as long as it is big enough to print on a poster size. But if you want your calendars to look really professional, then you can just do the layout and have it printed at a desktop publishing shop or a printing press for great results. You can do your poster calendars using graphics design software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. However, if you do not know how to use either of the two programs, then you can also opt to use Microsoft Word as well. Look for more details on this topic.

At office, you can set the size of the page to 11” x 17” after you have opened a word document. This size is called the tabloid size. Save the file with an easy to remember filename and then search for either a great picture of your office staff or the products you produce, anything to do with what you want your customers to remember about your office. Import this in your document, adjust the size to fill up the space, using constraints when enlarging photos so that they will be scaled and not looked stretched or fuzzy. You don’t want distorted photos when it comes to your customers.

Follow the instructions for best results

Remember to leave a margin of ¼ inch on all sides. If you know how, you can style the picture. If it is in Microsoft Word, you can super impose a white outline that is about half an inch smaller than the image all around. It is like the inner outline of the image. You can also write some text over it, like your company’s greetings or anything you want. You may also include the name of your recipient for a more personalized touch to your poster calendar. However, you will have to change the name of the recipient every time you print a piece. For the calendar area, you can research online for many free calendar templates available. You can easily download them or copy them from the site. You can choose from the many options offered, such as having the weeks start on a Sunday or a Monday. You may also find that some templates have already coloured national holidays in red. You can find all these online. If you have made a choice, save the calendar as an image and insert it in your document below the photo. Just make sure that you copied a high-resolution template because you are making a poster size calendar.

Personal touches can only impress clients

The edge of your calendar outline should butt perfectly with the edge of the photo. Do not leave hanging edges because that will make your design look haphazardly done, and you want only the best for your customers.

Print your calendars on stock card so that it is will not be easily crumpled and it will really be like a poster that people hang up. If you are not able to print your custom calendars at office, save your design on a thumb drive or CD and bring it at the print shop. They can always do poster sized calendar printing because most of them have big sized laser printers.

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