A wall calendar is, as the name implies, a fairly large calendar intended for placement on a wall. Their size varies depending on the needs of the purchaser and the abilities of the print manufacturer, although 300mmx300mm when closed is a fairly typical standard, especially for decorative wall calendars.

A promotional wall calendar can be an effective way of increasing your brand recognition. It’s popular in many a business to print wall calendars. These are usually branded with a corporate logo, distributed for free among customers or leads. Since a large wall calendar remains a useful item even in today’s online world, they’re remarkably efficient at keeping your company name in front of customers eyes.

A wall calendar can however come in many different styles and formats, including mini calendars. The content of a calendar can vary considerably as well. Traditionally though, when you buy wall calendar, they consist of a collection of images, usually presented as one per month, based around a unifying theme.

Wall Calendar Themes

Wall calendar themes vary widely, and some manufacturers, like Almanac, offer custom printing options that allow you to specify the photo used on each page of your wall calendar.

A common wall calendar theme is art, with reproductions of famous works of art appearing on each page. Other popular themes include people, cars, animals and landscapes to name but a few.

National themes are another favourite topic for wall calendars, with scenes representing a national identity, such as the Great Wall of China for example.

The Future Of The Wall Calendar

Despite moves into an ever more digital world, it is likely that the humble wall calendar will remain a fixture in our lives for a long time to come. Technology may improve the printing process, wall calendars may become erasable or perpetual with digital technology, but there will always be a demand for something that allows us to tell the date with a single glance. Wall calendars are here to stay.

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