Printing calendars has traditionally been the province of print or publishing houses, who usually print custom calendars to order for commercial clients, or for sale on their own behalf.

Commercially printing calendars usually involves both design and manufacture elements, as a print calendar tends to be themed, with the page for each month of the year usually bearing a photo relating to that theme.

Themes are common in printing calendars, and cover a range of topics apart from the photography already mentioned. A design calendar that feature abstract or modern art, and all manner of other variations appear in print calendars world-wide.

Perhaps the most common theme of a modern calendar though is that of corporate branding. More and more it is becoming usual to see calendars with the name of the manufacturer or supplier printed prominently on them. The calendars are usually distributed free, which accounts no doubt for the frequency with which we see them.

The Printing Process

The process for printing calendars can be a fairly involved one, even for the simplest types of wall calendar. Once you begin considering more complicated types of print calendars, like desk calendars in terms of issues like assembly for example, it can become even more so.

To begin with, the client company specifies the design elements they require, as well as the ink requirements. For high quality production, especially using photos, a full 4 colour calendar printing is often used. After the quote is accepted, the printer then lays out the calendar, including the particularly laborious task of ensuring that every date falls on the correct day of the year, and that additional supplementary information such as school terms and public holidays is correct.

Next, a proof is supplied to the client, and on approval, the actual printing process begins. Once each page has been printed, the assembly process, whether folding, glueing or binding, can begin.

Printing Calendars And Corporate Branding

One of the biggest current reasons for companies to commission, print and supply, (often for free), calendars of different types is that of corporate branding. A large, eye-catching wall calender branded with your company logo and details makes an ideal inexpensive (by volume) corporate gift to clients and suppliers that ensures they’re regularly exposed to your brand.

In today’s competitive environment, brand exposure is always a good thing, and printing calendars is an effective way of getting your brand seen daily by those you provide them to. Despite the increase in modern technological methods of organising our time, an old-fashioned printed calendar remains one of the most effective.

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