One of the most common types of print calendars today is the photo calendar. As the name suggests, the photo calendar consists of the usual options of weekly or monthly calendar pages, with each month usually paired with an attractive photograph for visual appeal.

A yearly photo calendar is often based on a theme which dictates the nature of the photographs which appear on the pages for each month. Common themes include scenes from nature, animal calendars, vehicle calendars, and calendars with photos of people.

Printing Custom Calendars

As well as having many existing calendars in stock, companies that specialise in calendar printing will make it easy for their clients to specify custom images for print runs that allow them to choose the theme that they would like their calendar to feature.

Custom photo work and details can also be added when printing desk calendars, although for a high quality photo calendar, the wall calendar is the most common format, and the likeliest type to be held in stock by commercial distributors.

Photo Calendars As Art

It’s become so common for high quality photo calendars to hang in homes and offices that very often it is the theme of the calendar that is the most important aspect. People choose a photo calendar based on themes which have a personal appeal to them, and although they are used in a practical way, it often happens that once the year has passed, people will have the photographs they like best from the calendar framed for the personalized touch, and displayed as art in it’s own right.

As was mentioned earlier, the themes that adorn a photo calendar vary widely. Event based themes are another popular subject, and it’s certain that the up-coming World Cup will spawn it’s own specialised print run for a 2010 calendar.

The Calendar Time Of Year

Speaking of 2010, it’s almost the time of year when suppliers or distributors begin planning for the calendars that they’ll need in the following year. It’s interesting to note that based on online search trends, the end of September traditionally shows a huge spike in the frequency with which people search for calendars.

So if you’re planning on commissioning or buying calendars for next year, now is a good time to do it. Within the next few months, publishers, printers and suppliers will probably be swamped with orders, so we recommend you get yours in early.

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