Although designed for the freight industry, the freight calendars are actually suitable for anyone with wall space who wants to take in three months at a glance. With bold print, these calendars can tell you all you need to know with a quick look across the office. The freight calendar is a highly customisable option as many of them are printed on demand. This means ease of inclusion of brand colours and other corporate identification

Usually a tri-monthly design

Tri-monthly shipping freight calendars usually feature three separate, bold, easily seen date pads on an extended backboard with header card. These are usually fitted with movable date cursor, offering a large advertising space for your company details, promotional message or photograph, as these titles can be printed in 4-colour process.

The freight calendar is normally about 890×380 mm with your advertisement size taking up about 210x360mm space. There are usually about three advertising areas between the pads. The backing sheet is printed single sides on special boarding, UV and rimmed. Usually there are three date pads that consist of twelve months each. There is normally a plastic sliding date cursor for easy reference. These calendars are being used by many other types of companies as they want to see three months in bold all at one glance. Use this hyperlink to get some additional info. Usually the calendars come with very handy plastic sliding cursors or date indicators for quick and easy referencing. They are usually available in two designs, either scored on backing sheet with perforated and stitched panels or wire bound between each of the months.

Will be looked at every day

When it comes to freight transport, your company will need a marketing plan. You have to transform the information about your freight and its whereabouts onto a monthly calendar. It needs to be in a prominent place where the freight staff can see it every day. This will lessen the chances of missing something, feeling overwhelmed, procrastination and falling behind on your plan.

The point is you need to have some place where you can schedule all of your marketing activities. With a freight calendar, your freight team will know exactly when you need to begin doing a specific freight delivery tactic, will clearly see the steps you need to take to implement a specific strategy, identify gaps in your marketing freight schedule throughout the year and schedule easily for any seasonal ups and downs in the industry. The freight staff will also need to work around around holidays, vacations, out-of-town workshops, shifts, etc.

Keeping your freight activities efficient

There are generally more or less three types of freight activities that will be put on the freight calendar. One will be regularly occurring activities. There are going to be freight tasks that will you do on a regular basis that will need to be added onto the calendar. Many of the freight tasks usually occur only once during a calendar year. There are many administrative activities associated with freight marketing that you also need to schedule into your calendar. Many people mistakenly think of these as unimportant but they’re crucial to the success of your marketing. Seeing that everything is on track with the freight calendar is of utmost importance to the success of the business.

The freight calendar should be printed with your corporate logo, contact details and website address. You can also add details of certain key products or services to these calendars. It is important to research this for your own industry before producing your freight calendar.

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