Desktop calendars are one of the many printed incarnations of the calendars that we use in our everyday lives, and that appear in many different guises. As the name suggests, a desktop calendar is simply a calendar designed to be placed on a desk, as opposed to a wall, in homes and offices alike.

Because of their placement on desks, desktop calendars are frequently designed by the manufacturer in such a way that they can stand on their own. This is usually accomplished by including an integral base in the design of desktop calendars, creating a triangular shape which is inherently stable when free-standing.

Like most calendars, desk calendars usually incorporate a theme, which may be customized before printing according to the wishes of the supplier or manufacturer.

Branded Desk Calendars

As is usual when a business sends desk calendars to print for promotional purposes, desktop calendars may be custom branded for advertising purposes. These type of calendars could arguably make even better promotional products than their larger counterparts, since their size and ease of use makes them a convenient addition to any desk.

Increasing brand awareness is a large part of the reason that companies supply free promotional items such as a desk calendar. It’s a well known phenomenon that what we are exposed to regularly is likely to remain clear in our minds, which means that seeing a branded product on a daily basis makes us more likely to think of that brand when a related need arises.

Printing Desktop Calendars

If you’re planning on printing customized desktop calendars for distribution to clients or suppliers for next year, the time to start making arrangements for 2010 desk calendars is now. The printing process for large scale print runs can be a laborious one, especially in instances where additional labour-intensive processing is required.

In the case of desktop calendars, where folding and assembly is almost always required, this is an important fact to bear in mind when planning your next promotional desktop calendar

Of course, other varieties of desktop calendars than the traditional desktop “tent” are possible, including desk pad varieties with tear-off pages, or small note pad style calendars that simply display the current day. And those are only the printed ones. Mechanical and non-paper versions of the desktop calendar also exist, and today the digital era has ushered in new electronic calendars.

However, no matter the technology that becomes available, nothing will ever supplant the convenience and ease of use of the traditional printed calendar.

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