The office desk pad has become a common site in the commercial business office, fulfilling a function of both accessory and planner. The desk pad as we know it today probably originated from the practice of using a blotter of absorbent paper on desks to dry ink from quill pens.

Today, an executive desk pad often includes a desk pad calendar, and is frequently printed with promotional information, providing brand exposure for the business who prints, commissions or provides them.

Desk Pad Printing

Now ubiquitous in the modern business environment, the desk pad calendar will usually, (but not always), feature one month per page, with ample space for the careful organizer to jot notes in the space allocated for each day.

Although rarely artistic, a desk pad frequently displays brand information, including contact details, in the title or margin areas of the calendar, giving companies the opportunity to improve their brand recognition with a relatively low outlay. It’s still fairly common for companies in many spheres of business to commission desk pads and hand them out for free to clients and prospects.

The History Of The Desk Pad

Alongside the use of blotters in the history of the desk pad, another important factor involved in their development was the protection of work surfaces. Damage caused to surfaces such as a conference table could be not only unsightly, but expensive to repair. As a result, the idea for some form of protection for desks arose.

Originally, desk pads were planned as an additional piece of furniture, and were manufactured in leather or upholstery grade vinyl with both padding, and support for writing. However, an aspect of secondary functionality was soon added, when it was realised that not only could they protect the work surface, but they could also serve as a means of making notes, reminders and plans.

The Desk Pad Today

In short order, desk pads were created that were designed to hold sheets of writing paper, and this quickly expanded into the typical desk pad of today, whose protective functionality is now second to the convenience and ease of using them as easily visible and accessible calendars.

Naturally, the fancy executive desk pad of leather with the brass corners still exists, and even finds use in some places, but it is the ubiquitous carton desk pad with its simple, clear calendar and brand advertising that we all think of today when the words desk pad are used.

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