Good customer service, quality and value are important, just as they’ve always been. These are the pillars that help businesses grow and succeed. A factor that is becoming increasingly important for owners and operators, regardless of which business they are in or the service they provide, is the ability for their customers to interact with the business and conduct transactions online, especially when it comes to scheduling appointments and booking reservations. An online freight calendar is the perfect tool to do this.

The basics

An online freight calendar is online appointment-scheduling software that offers owners, operators and staff to completely automate, streamline and improve their booking procedures. All that is required to implement and use the software is an Internet connection. You simply access the online business calendar just as you would do any of the web sites. Although the functionality of the online freight calendar can vary among providers, standard features found in many online business calendar applications include things like online customer self-scheduling. The system does the rest and automatically books the individual without any additional effort from the owner or his or her staff.

Automated e-mail and text messages

Reminders continue to be an important tool in keeping open time slots full. Studies show that reminders of any kind can decrease the no-show rate by over fifty percent but reminders can require a considerable amount of staff time and resources, especially if done manually. Some of the online business freight calendar applications take the effort out of this important task by automatically sending out e-mail and text reminders prior to a scheduled appointment or reservation. People just select when they want the reminder sent, such as one or three days before the customer’s appointment or reservation, and the system does the rest.

Keeping records and reporting

Another benefit to an online freight business calendar is data management and storage. In short, the software can centralize all customer and appointment information in one easy-to-access location. It used to be done by means of owners and staff recording appointments and customer information in multiple paper appointment books, spreadsheets, folders and other documents. Not only is this manner of scheduling time-consuming, it forces one to juggle back and forth between pages, files and documents to keep track and locate details on a specific customer or appointment, and a bigger hassle to rake up all the information into a report. An online scheduler calendar makes it easy to quickly locate data on an individual or company about their appointments.


Apart from making it easier for customers to book appointments and reservations, an online business calendar can help a business save time and money and even help it grow. An online business freight calendar can save time by dramatically reducing phone calls and e-mails that must be answered. It saves money. Since the scheduling software provider typically oversees the maintenance of the software, an owner or operator does not to budget for any IT support, because all the updates, upgrades and technical issues are addressed by the provider. Further, it keeps the business open 24-hours a day. A service that offers around the clock bookings will undoubtedly see an increase in scheduled services.

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