Some types of promotional calendars that do a great job in promoting your business are coupon calendars, business awareness calendars, and swimsuit calendars. Coupon calendars encourage customers to visit again by giving them discounts. Business awareness calendars are similar, but are often given away instead of sold and meant for customers that are recurring usually monthly services. Swimsuit calendars are filled with pictures of people from a certain business or organization and aim to earn money, spread awareness, or both. The vast majority of these calendars are available in two different types, desk calendars and wall calendars. Direct on mount calendars make great promotional gifts and can be quite an easy and affordable way of making photos of your business stand out by using mounting board.

Beautiful pictures to remind others of the great service you offer

Business awareness calendars like the direct on mount type of calendars are usually given to customers to remind them of future service appointments, upcoming business events, and other things related to the customers’ continued loyalty. For example, a car dealer might gives their customers direct on mount calendars of their new purchase which could be the latest car models on the block. These calendars are given away to remind customers of a service not frequently thought about but paid each month, like insurance.

In general, promotional calendars are either placed on a desk or wall mounted as well. Calendars meant to be hung on the wall are usually wider and taller than a desk calendar. Wall calendars are especially popular and more often used promotional business items.

The best calendar will be displayed on walls and desks

When it comes to the direct on mount calendars, on line designers will be able to design the perfect calendar for your office as well as for your customers. They will be specialists at creating custom cut mount boards for mounting your photos for your direct on mount calendars, and you will be able to choose different type of mounting boards for your calendars, it could be the archival, standard, or adhesive boarding. The archival mounting board will protect your artwork against environmental pollutants and chemical deterioration. Archival mount boards mounting photos for your calendar that you want to preserve for a lifetime and it is very sturdy. The standard mounting board can be used when mounting photos for your calendar that are part of an open edition. Standard mount boarding is not archival, so mounting the calendar photos with standard mount board will not protect and preserve your photos the same way that archival mount board will. The adhesive mount board should only be used when mounting photos that are not that expensive. Mounting calendar photos onto adhesive mount board is permanent, so it will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove the photos without damaging the photo. Mounting photos onto adhesive mount board is also more difficult than mounting photos onto regular mount board, so take that into consideration as well.

Doing your homework will bring results

Finding the right designers online will help your direct on mount calendar to be made in such a way that it acts as a great advertisement for the company. With your calendars have the logo of the company on, and spreading these unique gifts among your customers as well as at expos and tradeshows and also public places like railways, offices and shopping malls will indeed go a long way for large scale promotion of your company and its products

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