Calendar printing is usually the preserve of printing services or publishing houses who specialise in the printing of high quality colour calendars of all types, either for sale by themselves, or distribution for their clients.

Calendar printing covers all types of print calendars, from 4 colour large format printing of wall calendars of different types, (like a photo calendar) to small, single colour desktop calendars in various styles.

Calendar Design

The design process in calendar printing usually rests on the client commissioning the print run. If the manufacturer, or calendar maker, is also the reseller, the choice is obviously theirs, but for commercial printing of items like branded corporate calendars, it is up to the client to choose how to personalize it to suit their own needs.

If the client wishes it, the printer can add corporate logos, custom designs and business details in the calendar printing process, to create calendars that serve as corporate promotional items. These calendars are often very popular giveaways for companies, for reasons we’ll touch on under the next heading.

Calendar Printing And Advertising

Print calendars enjoy such widespread use that they have always been seen as effective potential advertising mediums. Many a business will commission custom calendars from a printing service, that are printed with not only their logo and contact details, but often literal advertisements, or at least pictures of the products they sell.

The reasoning behind this use of calendar printing is simple. A calendar is something that people look at almost every day. Any time somebody needs to know the date, or any time they have to make a note of some upcoming event, they turn toward the nearest calendar.

This means that people are regularly exposed to whatever information the calendar carries other than the date. And exposure is a key aspect when it comes to marketing your products.

As a result, calendars have become one of the most popular corporate promotional items, and they are frequently branded or otherwise designed with the details of the company commissioning them. This exposes the recipients to the advertisers message, increasing brand awareness and exposure.

Calendar Printing And The Digital Market

In this day and age, with the increasing application of online services, electronic calendar software and applications are growing in popularity.

However, their inherent limitations, such as having to be sitting at your computer to use them, mean that however popular they become, they will never supplant calendar printing in terms of accessibility, display and usefulness.

And now that the online population is growing, you can take advantage of it by finding, choosing and even ordering your print calendars online.

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