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Calendars Beyond Compare

Browse through our superb range of calenders, each bearing powerful images, handpicked for its stunning impact and flawless style. We spare no expense and each and every photograph has been professionally shot and then crafted for maximum effect. Our distinctive calenders can powerfully impact your corporate image, with customised designs specifically suited to your business, we at Almanac provide an air of professional flair for your corporate interests.

Printed Calender Types

With a full range of printed calenders (from CD calenders through to full-size poster calenders) each with its own benefits and uses, Almanac covers every preference and every budget. Have a look through all the calender types and decide which best suits your needs.

Almanac Publishers

For more than thirty years Almanac publishing has been in the industry of producing promotional and advertising calenders of all types, for a variety of clients. Catering for any budget, these calenders are stylishly designed and professionally produced, aimed at suiting the corporate image of any client.

We have a massive variety of stock items from which we can help you choose the most suitable for your promotional calender. In addition we can produce completely customised items, unique to your business, to provide calenders that best reflect your professional image.

We know that calenders are a constant, year-round reminder of your company in the eyes of your clients. Make a statement about your professionalism and your class, make the reminder a positive one. Make it an Almanac calender.